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Accessing www.freebieslove.com and use of any services or products offered herein is tantamount to fully accepting our terms and conditions, and imply a legal binding on the part of our customers.

We reserve the right to update aforementioned terms without any prior intimation. Further, in the event of any changes to our site policy, existing customers will automatically be subject to the revised rules and regulations.

Hence, we urge our customers to frequently check in with this page, in their own interest, so as to keep themselves informed about the current terms that dictate this site.

  • Personal Use Only

The services offered by this website are strictly for personal and non commercial use only.

  • Third Party Products and Services

Further, we wish to state that www.freebieslove.com merely provides links to the third party affiliate networks behind the products and services offered here.

By using any service or product offered by these third party websites, you are automatically agreeing to any terms, conditions and privacy policies imposed by aforementioned websites.

While we work our level best to bring to you information about free trials and products from reliable networks, we cannot guarantee the quality, efficacy, accuracy, reliability or the comprehensiveness of any product.

As a customer, by accessing or using a third part product, your responsibility includes (but is not limited to)

  1. Protecting your computer system from viruses, malware and spyware
  2. Understanding and agreeing to the website’s terms of use and site policies; and any alteration of the same that may consequently occur.
  3. All or any liabilities that may result from interaction or transaction with third parties.

This website is only intended to assist you in finding the best deals, and as such; we do not accept any responsibility for any damage to person or possession should you choose to use any product.

We urge you to be fully aware of all details and circumstances pertaining to yourself and use of the product before accepting any deal or free trial.

  • Presented Offers

All offers presented to our customers are chosen based on a variety of factors such as commission based on appropriate user action (as determined by the affiliate network behind the offer), popularity of said offer among our users, characteristics of the offer, reviews, etc.

  • Deals Between Users and Third Party Websites

www.freebieslove.com is not part of any contract, promise or transaction between a user and a third party website: and we accept no responsibility for the same.

Furthermore, we will not accept any liability for any unauthorized leak of personal information as a result of said deal or contract. Any information that you may share with a third party website will be entirely at your own risk.

We wish to state, however, that we do not have access to or authority to distribute your personal information.

  • Governing Laws and Regulations

Access to www.freebieslove.com and all its associated content is subject to local jurisdiction and the laws passed by the governing bodies in your region/state/country. Violators of any such laws may be prosecuted.

  • Copyright and Trademark

All content (except those licensed from third party sources) on this website, including (but not limited to) text, images, sounds, arrangement of the pages are protected by federal intellectual property and copyright laws and are the sole property of www.freebieslove.com and its owners.

No part of this website may be duplicated or distributed electronically or by any other means.

All rights reserved.

  • Ownership of Materials

All trademarks, images, logos of third party websites appearing on this website are the property of their respective owners.

By communicating with us via email or by posting comments, you grant us exclusive loyalty free rights over the content of your message.

We reserve the right to restrict access to this website and all content herein without any prior intimation.

  • Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

No information or service on this website comes with any warranty (express or implied). Use all such products or services at your own risk, as we are not responsible for any damage (direct or in-direct) that may occur as a result.

www.freebieslove.com does not endorse the views or opinions expressed by our users.

The above terms and conditions represent the full legal contract between the website and our users. All previous communication by and contract(s) between any representative of www.freebieslove.com hereby stands superseded.

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