The Myth Behind Long Hair – Virgin Hair Extensions

Hair extensions, the dream of many women, can achieve you long hair in the salon in several hours. Hair extensions installed by experts can completely enhance your beauty without damaging your natural hair. However, if you have the hair extensions applied in a wrong way, then the extensions may damage your hair and scalp.

Extensions made with high quality hair will cost you several hundreds of dollars. The price of extensions depends on the hair used, Chinese hair is cheaper, while Brazilian hair and European hair are much more expensive. If you want your hair to look good, choose high quality Brazilian virgin hair.


Hair extensions applied in salon may cost you much dollars, but you can also find hair extensions installation instructions online, follow them and you will find it is not hard to apply. Installing extensions by yourself correctly will look as good as the salon made for you. However, before doing that, make sure you have ordered high quality virgin hair.

What types of hair extensions you prefer?

Basically there are two types according to application method, one is strands, the other is wefts. Independent hair strands are usually attached piece by piece with glue, clip or tape. The problem is that most strands application method requires chemicals, attaching these extensions is not a problem, but when you removing them, that will damage your own hair.

Wefts do not need chemicals to be attached to your hair. They could be braked into your hair. Weft application is safer.


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What materials the factory use to make hair extensions?

First, hair extensions can be made with synthetic or real human hair. Synthetic hair extensions are much cheaper than real human hair extensions, but you will get what you pay for, the synthetic hair does not bear a high temperature but it has a very pleasant touch.

Human hair is a better way to make hair extensions. Human hair differs from origin. Women mostly love human hair extensions cut from Brazilian and Peruvian people. Brazilian and Peruvian hair are very great, if you are African American women, Brazilian hair will be your best choice for its natural shine, proper thickness and fullness. Human hair from different origin is suitable to be made into different hair texture, for example, a lot of hair companies use Mongolian hair to make kinky curly hair.


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There are raw hair material and virgin hair. If you want the one without chemical unprocessed, go with raw human hair. There is also European hair, this type of human hair is cut from European countries and then made to #613 hair extensions or other clip-in hair extensions. European hair is very easy to be bleached.

New Star Hair, which was established several years ago, is a hair company deals with top virgin hair. They wholesale Brazilian hair and virgin hair from other origins. Not only the virgin hair products they offer are in high quality, the brand service associated with them is what they most concern. So, choosing a trusted hair company not only saves you a lot of money, but your extensions will also last longer.

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